Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Consumerism is the Trifecta: Hurting the planet, the critters, and the people.

How's about this for a reason to garden and buy local? Slavery.

Slavery isn't something I think about often. The word brings to mind images of cotton fields, or maybe indentured Irish servants. Okay and the movie Taken and the sex slave parlors. Sadly, I think that many Americans share my narrow view of where slavery transpire(s/d). It isn't something that a lot of us think about.

I was shocked today when I stumbled upon this gem. I took the quiz. Sixty slaves. That's my footprint. Talk about an eye opening experience. I was astonished to learn that some of my favorite produce and shellfish products are huge contributors to modern slavery, often called bonded labor. Everything from my cellphone to my coffee supports practices that, well, frankly I don't support and want to cease supporting. Immediately.

I'm not talking hold off on replacing that cell for a few years because of the environmental impact, though I think that IS hella important too, but our mass consumerism is hurting other people. Not just animals. Not just the planet. Other PEOPLE. Even those who can snub their noses at the thought of global warming or cows having feelings can't deny that there is something wrong with blood rubies (That's right kids! They don't just come in diamonds anymore!) and kids working 20 hour days.

Take the survey. What's your impact?

I know that I am going to work my butt off to get a better grip on where my products are coming from, are you?

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