Monday, August 17, 2015

The greatest, and most interesting tale you've never read.

Lordy, but when it rains it pours.

Last week I was drafting a riveting tale of cow escapades when the sheriff called, because the cows were out on the black top again. Ironic.

Between putting them back in, fixing fences, breaking my mower, and fighting with the floor sander I never got around to telling you the fascinating story. I promise I will, but not right now because I am currently running around trying to get things lined up for my subcommittee meeting on the Evergreen Cemetery tour before I go home and wrestle with the floor sander again. Oh, or move round bales off of the field. Or fix my mower and mow grass. Or rescue a chicken from a horse trough. Or maybe see my boyfriend and his brand new heifer!

So many options, and so many apologies for dropping off of the face of the planet.

I have so many great blogs in mind when I am wandering the fence rows, or mowing grass; and then I never seem to have the time to write them down.

But I will.

And you will be amazed.

Or probably just a little amused. I can at least hope for amused.

Watch out. It's coming.

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