Tuesday, June 9, 2015


That's right, even after a weekend gardening and mowing in tank tops I'm still rocking a fantastic farmer's tan. 

I find that it perfectly accentuates my red neck.

And it makes me very patriotic.

That's right. What's red, white, and blue?

Me (my arms anyway) when I drive a New Holland...

Bwahaha. I'm so clever!

Clearly I need more spaghetti straps in my life.

Or better sunscreen for my forearms. Whoever said you can't tan through SPF 30?

I am BRANDED FOR LIFE! I swear that tan line never leaves. Even if I apply self tanner like  a madwoman, say to be a part of a wedding, it is still there. Lurking. Just waiting for a chance to shine. Preparing to proclaim to the world that I am a farm girl.

You know what? I am strangely alright with it.

It may be a farm girl problem, but I kinda love rocking my farmer's tan!

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