Saturday, February 14, 2015

Redneck Love Poem: New Holland's missed marketing opportunity

My Valentine's day poem options to accompany this lovely water color I did for Captain America (also known as this is what happens when you say I can't buy you anything for V-day, ha):

Our baler is red.
Our tractor is blue.
I'm so lucky,
That I found you.

The baler is red.
The round bale is tan.
I am so glad,
That you are my man.

Balers are red.
Tractors are blue.
There's nowhere I'd rather be,
than haying with you.

Balers are red.
Tractors are blue.
Oh hell, the cows got out.
No one I'd rather curse with than you.

The balers are red.
The tractors are blue.
I think New Holland missed a marketing opportunity.
Don't you?

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