Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Made my morning

Captain America got me a new camera for my birthday. This morning illustrated to me that I need to get in the habit of carrying it absolutely everywhere with me. May I reintroduce you to Jessica, our neighborhood albino deer.

These photos are not the best, taken with my phone, but she is so cool that I have to share anyway. That will teach me! Cameras, never leave home without them! 
We watched her graze for about twenty minutes weekend before last, again without a camera present, while we were out deer hunting. Don't worry! It is illegal to kill white deer here. Even if it wasn't I would shoot CA before he could take aim on this lovely lady. Her potential beaus however... well they're fair game and destined for deliciousness. 

The interesting thing is that when she stood and ran over the hill it became apparent that she had three regular colored friends with her. They blended in so well that I had no clue!

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