Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Hello world! I’m sorry for the delay in posting this. Life has been nonstop go, go, go! The change in the season and in the relationship status has been fantastic, but not without their own challenges. Mostly time. I don’t know where it all goes!

My grandpa has asked me to help him mow, which takes a couple hours out of my weeks now. I think he is trying to start and no hole golf course. To mow his whole yard would easily take ten hours or more. It is pretty intense. I like the ability to do it for him though, and it gives me some much needed down time!

The garden has been producing wonderfully. Squash bugs seem to hate radishes. But even with that the squash season is going to be done soon. That’s okay though, because I have more than enough zucchini in my belly and my freezer to keep me going awhile! The corn is done too, and I am planning on making freezer corn tomorrow. If anyone has any need for cucumbers let me know! I have A LOT of cucumbers! I meant to blog about pickle making, but I haven’t had the time yet. Don’t worry though. Soon you’ll have a step by step dill pickle recipe that’ll knock your socks off! I have made a ton of pickles. (Okay, not a ton, just like 20lbs worth. But it feels like a ton!) Captain America and I borrowed my grandpa’s pressure canner over the weekend and canned a couple pints of tomatoes and okra and goat too. The tomatoes are really starting to run rampant so I’m going to be making several more jars of marinara, salsa, and stewed tomato in the coming weeks. Then maybe I will have a little time to get back to the herbal jellies that I love! I tell you, with produce and easy meals this handy I almost can’t wait until winter! Provided Captain America likes what happened to the canned venison and goat we are planning on canning some of the beef that he will be butchering too. If you haven’t ever had canned beef you are missing out. It looks gross, but oh my gosh it is delicious! And it makes its own gravy! Dump a jar into a pot and boil it with corn starch and you have the most tender beef and gravy you could imagine. Add some noodles and dinner is served! As if my freakish excitement about home canned goods wasn’t enough before now that I have an “assistant” it has gotten even more intense.

As if he wasn’t wonderful enough before; just add his ability to magically seal the pressure cooker, or help chop vegetables, or make wine while the canner is going. I’ve never had help with canning before, so it is pretty novel. That extra set of hands makes everything go smoother! It is really great to teach him about canning and then turn around and have him teach me about wine making. And here I thought he was spectacular just seeing him clear my fence rows, with a chainsaw, shirtless. I’m still torn between that and watching him roll out biscuit dough to make “kraut burgers” as to which was hotter.

The boy deserves a calendar. Hot dang. No wonder I have so little downtime. Thank God for FarmersOnly! Anyway, recipes are forthcoming. I will try to not stay away too long this time. But there are horses to ride, and memories to make, so I probably will be down to once every two weeks or so for regular updates and sporadic intense blogging sessions for recipes.

PS: The Captain America 12 month shirtless farm chore calendar is being held up in editing. Because he would kill me if I made it a thing ;). But it is still tempting as all get out!

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