Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The most beautiful calf in all the land!

 I set out yesterday on a valiant quest. A quest so noble, so crucial that none could deter me.

Susan looking cute? No, I will not fall into your viscious belly rub trap of doom, Susan! No matter how many times you try! I tore past her pleading eyes with an act of will so strong it should hold a record.

A herd of deer grazing across the pasture? Their mesmerizing motions carefully choreographed to drag my eyes away and tempt me ever closer to them? Ever farther from my goal? Their distracting presence calling me to pursue them even as they turned to lead me away in a game of tag I could never hope to win? No! I turned my heart to stone against their beauty.

A charming bull calf just coming into his own stood guard. Could I make it past such a sight? His personality was just beginning to bud as he snorted and nodded a challenge my way. How could I overcome such an obstacle of adorableness? I was so close to my goal, but I nearly stopped. For one fleeting moment I wanted nothing more than to lunge forward and cuddle his dirty, fuzzy face. But still I pushed myself forward.

And then I found her. My purpose. My star. My brand new baby girl. I was victorious! I located the princess! I felt like Mario as he gazed upon Peach, only far less romantic. My mission was complete, or at least as complete as it was going to get because her momma was NOT pleased with my attentions. For a moment I considered touching her, and then as mom lowered her head to charge I settled for a snapshot to commenorate my daring journey across hills and lakes to find this black beauty.

After all, I've already taken one cow to the face. I don't want to make it a habit!

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