Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Canning Swag

I really wanted to name this post: I <3 blue Balls. You know, the jars! But I didn't. Because I love you.

So, in other news, there is such a thing as canning swag. Who knew?

Let me introduce you to my new love, Ball’s 100 year commemorative blue pint jars. We met last night, and it was love at first sight. Captain America asked me to come in the house and presented me with a giant box and a pocket knife. What did I find inside, but 18 of these beauties all packaged up and waiting to be my partners in crime! Hats off to Captain America and his ability to pick up and act on my weird wants. All it took was me mentioning seeing them in my favorite blog, Chickens in the Road and they magically appeared!

Remind me to pickle him something next week. That boy is going to drown in jam and chutney. I mean affection, affection! *sigh* Food is "intense like", right?

Clear glass jars seem so plain next to them. I mean I can can tomatoes and they’ll look purple! Green beans are going to be SO green this year! My pantry is going to be a freaking work of art! I can hardly wait to try them. It’s a good thing that tomatoes are ripening, cucumbers are out in full force, and the beans are blooming; because next week, next week, these babies are being put to the test!

Can you see heaven parting, and light shining down?
Is that only in my head?
Ahhh-ahhh-ahhh <-angelic chorus

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It would be cute if it wasn't terrifying

Last week my dad brought home a baby bird that was hopping around the yard at work’s satellite facility baiting black snakes. He couldn’t find a momma or a nest, so he brought her to my mom. This is not the first time that we have had a baby bird; in fact we actually have raised up kittens, mice, opossums, turtles, whatever needs a mother’s love for whatever reason throughout my entire life. So, dad brings mom this bird, we google her type and what to feed her. Mom and dad left and I sat for twenty minutes trying to feed her moistened high protein dog food with tweezers unsuccessfully. An hour after mom got back from lunch the little gal had a paper towel nest and was chilling out inside my mom’s shirt. I know, I know, weird. She was happy and eating though, so it worked.
As a result of her love of my mom she has warmed up to people completely. She will now fly over and land on your head demanding food whenever you walk into the room.
Spoiled much?